Before You Book Know The Law & Your Rights as a Passenger

Passengers Must Bring their Own Car Seat or Booster Seat for Every Child that requires one to ride. Driver will not Transport children that do not have a seat, nor will Drivers Transport Minors under the age of 18 Unaccompanied by an Adult.

What are Florida’s car seat laws?

Each state’s laws can vary regarding weight or height limits. It’s essential to know the rules for children secured in a child seat, be aware of manufacturer instructions, and how to assess seat belt fit to determine where a child can safely sit. In Florida, the rules are:

  • Ages 0-5 – Children must use a full car seat based on age.
  • Ages 0-3 – A child must either use a full or booster car seat or a car seat integrated with the car. 
  • Ages 4-5 – Children must use a booster seat, a full car seat, or a car seat integrated with the vehicle.
  • Ages 6-17 – Children must wear a seatbelt. 

Car seat laws in Florida1 take into account the age of the child. Even if the child is very tall or short, the rule depends on age. There are no exceptions to the laws when children are above or below average for their height.

All car seats must be crash-tested and federally approved and follow safety standards set by car manufacturers. Some rear-facing car seats can safely transport children weighing 40 pounds or more.

Are there car seat exceptions?

There are only exceptions for booster seats in the case of medical emergencies and children with medical conditions. If a child doesn’t use a safety seat because of a medical condition, you must have documentation from a health care professional to present to law enforcement. There’s also an exception in the booster seat law when giving someone else’s child a ride without pay.

What are the national car seat recommendations?

Even though Florida law requires a full safety seat for children under the age of 3 and a booster seat until age 6, national recommendations are much more complex. The National Highway Traffic Association (NHTSA)2 has its own set of recommendations for the road. For example, NHTSA recommends:

  • Ages 0-4 – Full car seats
  • Ages 8-12 – Use booster seats

NHTSA also recommends that children remain in their booster seats until they properly fit in a seat be